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How to Make a CD Spindle

Want to spin your very own yarn but don't have the cash for a spinning wheel. No problem, I am going to show you how to make your very own CD drop spindle. The nice thing about using CD's is they are already balanced to spin smoothly, and who does not have CD's that will never be put back into a CD player. Here are the pieces you are going to need.

1. Two CD's. In this case I am using the Beatles Anthology. You can also use something with artwork that you like as the top CD and one of those disks that you used to get with a new mouse underneath. 

2. A 7/16" Dowel rod cut down to 12" in length.

3. A 1/2" cup hook

4. A 1/2" rubber grommet. 

The dowel rod, cup hook and grommet can all be found at the hardware store. Look for the grommet in the electrical section. It will seem too large for the CD and to stay securely on the dowel rod but trust me. 

Now that we have all of the parts lets put them together.

You will probably need to cut the dowel rod down. I use a chop saw but and usually doing multiple spindles at one time. If you don't have a saw a serrated knife will do. I also take some 200 grit sand paper to clean up the cut edges and smooth down the dowel a bit.

Now put the CD's together and squeeze the rubber grommet into the hole. It is going to be a tight fit. I found the best way is squeeze it together, put one end in and start working it around.

Once the grommet is most of the way in I finish it off with the dowel rod. 

Slide the CD's onto the dowel rod. I start off with the CD 4" from the top. You may need to adjust it a bit to correct a wobble. Now we can screw in the cup hook. Try and center the cup hook in the end of the dowel and just screw it in.



Now you are ready to tie on a leader and start spinning. I use a piece of yarn about 32" long doubled over and tied in a loop. 

If of course you don't want to make one yourself just drop Sarah a line over on Facebook and ask for one of our spindle and sample roving starter packs.