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Wall Art So Simple, Even a Yarn Geek Can Do It

Are your Studio walls looking a bit bland and unappealing? Were you a little overzealous when buying school supplies this year? Why not use the extra stuff to spruce up the space? It's easy, and in a few minutes/hours, (depending on how crafty you are with the paper) nifty new wall art can be yours. Here are the steps, from start to finish. I've included some of my mishaps for comic relief and so you may benefit by not repeating my mistakes.



What You Will Need:

  • Inspiration phrase or pictures (Mine is about a capable wife spinning.)
  • Glue Stick
  • Nice printing paper (I used Linen paper)
  • Card Stock
  • Pretty scrap-booking paper or wrapping paper
  • An old (or new) frame
  • Scissors
  • Tape of some kind
  • Glass Cleaner
  • Paper Slicer (Optional, but it sure is nice for making straight edges quickly)
  • Dog toy (Also optional)









Step 1: Find a phrase or picture you especially adore.

Step 2: Type it or drag it into your favorite editing software. I used Open Office because it's what we have. (If you have an image that is ready to go in hand, just ignore all this mumbo-jumbo and skip ahead to step 7 Grasshopper.)

Step 3: Obsess over hundreds of choices in the “Font” menu. Pick one. Change your mind several times. Go back to your original choice.



Step 4: Play with layout and font size for half an hour. When it looks good, print it on cheap paper to see how it looks. (Wow, that was a way different size. Back to the drawing board.) This might happen a few times if you are anything like me.

Step 5:  Finalize the size you want your word or picture to be. Now add a boarder or clip art or use the drawing menu of your software to add shapes.

Step 6:  Obsess over the color of the border and other decorations for another half an hour. Decide they should all be different.

Step 7: Give the dogs a new toy so they will leave you alone for a few minutes.

Step 8: Pick out the pretty paper you want for the background of your wall art, keeping in mind that you want a nice pretty bit to show when you are done. If there are rips or bits you don't particularly like, you can use the phrase or picture you've been working on to cover it.

Step 9: Print a mock-up of your (hopefully) final draft. Use the scissors or paper trimmer to cut it to the right size.

Step 10: Realize you haven't found the frame you want to use yet so the end size of the thing is immaterial right now. Go find a frame.

Step 11: Select the colors of card stock you would like to mount your phrase on. You can go with as many colors as you like, just remember, it will take up space in your frame and cut down on how much pretty paper you see. I selected two.

Step 12: Cut the first card stock a little larger than your phrase on all sides. If there are more colors you want to have behind your phrase, cut each one a little larger than the last one on all 4 sides.

Step 13: Print a final copy of your phrase, or picture, onto the nice printer paper. Realize something went terribly wrong. The borders have somehow disappeared and now it's too wide for the card stock. Redo the layout and reprint.

Step 14: Use the glue stick to adhere the phrase to the card stock and that to the next card stock, and so on until you have them all stuck together into one piece. Realize one of them is crooked and try to reposition it correctly. Re-cut and replace the card stock that just ripped.



Step 15: Disassemble the frame and make sure your frame is clean before assembling the last bit. For the love of Pete, use the glass cleaner. Trying to wipe it clean with spit and a tissue only leads to tears. Coincidentally, tears are also no good for glass cleaning.





Step 16: Take a break. Attempt to rescue the new toy from the dogs. Then realize it's already too late and make a mental note to clean the stuffing up off the floor later. (Also, my dogs just ate ripstop nylon.)


Step 17: Hold the frame up so you can see what it will look like when it's done. Place the background pretty paper and your card stock “sandwich” in position. If it needs tweaked, now is the time to do it.



Step 18: Realize your paper isn't big enough for the opening in your frame. Panic a bit, then do some creative paper piecing. Decide it actually looks better this way.

Step 19: Glue the card stock “sandwich” onto the background paper.


Step 20: If you have a frame with a mat, tape your creation to the mat at the top to keep it from sliding down inside the frame. Do not tape all the way around because it will buckle later.

Step 21: Put the back on the frame and admire your new wall art.

(Optional) Step 22: Decide you like this so much you want to write a tutorial to share with everyone, but now that you're done, you'll have to stage a bunch of pictures.

Step 23: Ponder the possibility of the existance of The Cleaning Fairy. Decide to leave him a gift, "Just in case."