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Tutorial Tuesday - Fractal Spinning with Benjamin Krudwig

Fractal Nighthawk Neckerchief by Benjamin Krudwig Picture used with permission of Benjamin Krudwig

Would you like to learn to spin a yarn that would crochet up in gentle color changes like this? Today on the Schacht Spindle Blog, you can. The process is a simple one, but it yields fantastic results.

A few weeks ago Schacht Community Manager, Benjamin Krudwig contacted me about wanting to try Fractal Spinning out. I sent him some hand dyed Polwarth wool in the Verdigris colorway to play with because the colorway is somewhat simple, but the contrast between colors is great. The post on the Schacht Spindle blog is the result of his experiment.

We "met" a few years ago on an ETSY forum for crochet. He has moved on up since then and is even more active in the fiber community. He has recently added weaving and spinning to his repertoire, as well as pattern writing.  He is releasing the pattern for the crochet Nighthawk Neckerchief shown above soon, so keep an eye out for it.


My Fractal Spun Wingspan

This way of spinning is called the Fractal Spinning method. The name sounds technical and overly mathy, but don't worry if complicated equations are not your thing. There is no higher learning needed. In fact, when I do it, I only count during the few seconds of prep, and rarely count past 8. Benjamin breaks it down step-by-step and explains the particulars along with pictures, which are quite helpful.

If you enjoyed his tutorial, please check out Benjamin's YouTube tutorials as well. Don't forget to leave a comment for him.


Nine At One Time!

I'm feeling rather "Brave Little Tailor" about myself after this Saturday at the All MO Spin In because I taught my first class en masse, which for me was 9 people at a time. *No eating of jam or killing of giants was involved and I didn't end up marrying a princess, which is great news for Mr. Yarn Geek.*

I taught the class 3 times in a row. By the last time I was getting into a rhythm and thing started progressing nicely. This is a picture of the last class where all the "maybes" on the class form decided to show up at once and our little circle expanded.


The class was all about spinning what some call "Bubble Yarn". I just call it thick and thin, but the thick sections are extremely thick and the thin sections are pretty thin. We spent a goodly amount of the allotted thirty minutes going over the actual spinning technique and a few minutes at the end playing with the possibilities for mixing colors together while drafting.

It really was an intermediate spinning class, but it didn't stop a few really new spinners from signing up, and for the most part, they did well. I think the class was a success, but if I ever teach it again it would be nice to have an hour to teach it in. It would also have been great to have a less noisy area, but we all did the best we could and a lovely time was had by all.


World Sheep and Fiber Arts Festival This Weekend

Come join us this weekend at the World Sheep and Fiber Arts Festival in Bethel, MO. Click on the link to view a schedule which includes such events as Mutton Busting, Fiber Arts Competition, Sheep to Shawl Competition and even a Spin-In after the booths close up shop on Saturday. Mr. Yarn Geek and I had a lovely time last year and expect the same this year. The festival will go on, rain or shine, all weekend.

I've been busy dyeing up scads of fiber in the secret lair, in fact I've been so busy poor Mr. Yarn Geek hasn't had a decent home-cooked meal all week. There would be no place to eat it anyway because our kitchen table runneth over, so to speak.

On the left you can see our brand spankin' new custom blend of combed top. It is 75% Superwash Blue Faced Leicester, 12.5% Nylon and 12.5% Cashmere. Yes, real Cashmere, not the fake stuff. It feels divine, and the best part is, you won't have to baby it. If that isn't awesome, I don't know what is. Another new thing for us are the Mulberry Silk Hankies, which I have started to dye to match our existing colorways. All this and more could be yours at the festival. We look forward to seeing you all there!


What Is A Girl to Do?

For weeks I have been maniacally dyeing anything fluffy that would stay still long enough. The trailer is full, I'm out of any amounts of white fiber over 4 ounces, and the new fiber order isn't here yet. Whatever am I to do with all this free time? By free time, I mean the hours at home when I'm not wresting foreign objects from the maw of a 9 month old Lab/Mastiff mix puppy or cleaning up after his path of destruction.

First, I got ready to have our taxes done today. Now it's the tax guy's problem, so here I am blogging. You will notice there is a brand spanking new slide show on our website's Home page. There are explanations for each picture if you go to the Gallery tab. It's basically a rundown of how our fiber festival booth has changed over the first year of business. I daresay we looked almost professional at Fiberpalooza last weekend y'all.

The thought did cross my mind to spin up a few ounces of our new Baby Camel Down and Silk blend. I have been making people pet it at the last few shows. It really deserves more love than that. Surely one little skein of yarn spun from it for myself wouldn't be out of line. Right? Perhaps there might even be enough to knit a little something, for display purposes of course. (wink, wink) Mr. Yarn Geek is actually holding my spinning wheel hostage (In his truck!!!!!) until this is posted. But honestly, if you had to choose between blogging and spinning something as scrumptious as that, we all know what would be happening right now.

It should be said, there is much dusting, and overall general house cleaning to be done in the Cave O' Colorification where the Yarn Geek does abide. She has just chosen to ignore anything more than the basics in favor of pursuing more agreeable tasks, as she should. The conundrum concerning all this extra "free" time will soon be resolved when the new fiber order arrives and she can get back to all the happy experimentation of her dye pots.


Heartland Fiberpalooza

This Saturday (March 24, 2012) , Mr. Yarn Geek and I will be at the Second Annual Heartland Fiberpalooza in Winterset, IA. It's at the Madison County Fairgrounds in Madison County, IA which is the setting for the famed "Bridges of Madison County" book and movie. We didn't actually see any last year, but we did see many signs pointing in the direction of said bridges.

Winterset is also the birthplace of "The Duke" otherwise known as John Wayne. Marion Mitchel Morrison or Marion Robert Morrison to his parents, only lived there for the first four years of his life, but you can still go see the house he lived in. They also have a little gift shop where you can purchase umpteen different objects with John Wayne's face plastered on them. Mr. Yarn Geek went to see it last year, but decided not to go into the house. He said it looked just like every other house where we live.

Anyway, last year Heartland Fiberpalooza was my very first show ever. We got there rediculously early, set up and had breakfast from the scrumptious "Yarnia Cafe", and went on to have a wonderful time vending. We expect to repeat the performance this year too. The only thing we are doing differently is driving up the morning of and going back home that night. We have to leave around 3:30am to get there on time. All I have to say is, someone (Mr. Yarn Geek) is going to have to take a nap in the truck for a while during the show. I'm planning on sleeping on the way up.