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Strange Folk Festival 2013 - Your Treasure Map to the Fiber

As we gear up for Strange Folk Festival this year, we are so very grateful for all of you and your support. On the days I just want to be lazy, your enthusiasm about our fibers keeps me going. Just when I want to take a few months off, one of you will contact me and make my day shinier. Thank you for that.

OK, enough mushiness. I know you want to get down to it, so here's a map with all the yarn, fiber, and fiber arts related vendors I know about at Strange Folk Festival this year. Here's the list and what they carry:

The original maps were made by Autumn Wiggins of The Upcycle Exchange. ( I have not yet figured out how to make a downloadable PDF link on the blog yet...but I will. ) Here is the tent area with fiberish vendors marked.

Now go forth and shop! Fun will be had by all.



Here is the Pavilion Area with the fiberish vendors marked.


Strange Folk Festival Is Nigh!


In the above diagram you will see your plan of attack. You must stash ALL THE YARN!

In order to obtain your target, first proceed to the Pavillion near the Writer's Block and storm

Tangerine Designs

for a nifty Police Box (shh, it's really a TARDIS) Needle Gauge or other great tool.


Then hoof it over to the vendor's tents where you will lock on to

Yarn Geek Fibers






Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to decimate their fiber supplies before the end of Strange Folk Festival at 6pm on Sunday. Craft on my minons!

Now go get yourself a cupcake from The Cup, or a gyro, or heck, get them've earned it.

In all seriousness, this is a great festival. 150 Indie Vendors, more great food than you could ever eat, 10 live bands, and an area especially for the children.

This is the best time we have all year.