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Strange Folk Festival 2013 - Your Treasure Map to the Fiber

As we gear up for Strange Folk Festival this year, we are so very grateful for all of you and your support. On the days I just want to be lazy, your enthusiasm about our fibers keeps me going. Just when I want to take a few months off, one of you will contact me and make my day shinier. Thank you for that.

OK, enough mushiness. I know you want to get down to it, so here's a map with all the yarn, fiber, and fiber arts related vendors I know about at Strange Folk Festival this year. Here's the list and what they carry:

The original maps were made by Autumn Wiggins of The Upcycle Exchange. ( I have not yet figured out how to make a downloadable PDF link on the blog yet...but I will. ) Here is the tent area with fiberish vendors marked.

Now go forth and shop! Fun will be had by all.



Here is the Pavilion Area with the fiberish vendors marked.


YarnCon 2013 - A Modern Fairytale

Once upon a time, there was a girl. She lived in a nice little old house with a good boy and two OK dogs. There is a legend having to do with that little old house. Tales are whispered in hushed tones about a mythical "table" which, according to some, sits in the center of the kitchen. Some say this table was, in olden times, used in some sort of culinary ritual.

The girl (whom we shall call...ME) doesn't belive the stories. When she looks at the center of the kitchen, all she sees is this.


But, legend has it that when YarnCon comes, the table will appear once more. It is foretold that some really tired girl with dye-stained hands will have a big part in the fulfillment of this, and there will be much rejoicing. Yay!

All I know is, that big pile o' wool and silk needs to be labled and stuffed into boxes before tomorrow evening, because we are heading to Chicago, IL for YarnCon this weekend. (April 6-7, 2013) If a table does appear, I'm going to wrestle it into submission and have a dinner party.

End of story.


Heartland Fiberpalooza Saturday 23, 2013

How is it Fiberpalooza time again? Time flies when we are having fun, and fun we have been having. It's the time of year when we revisit the show that kicked us off as vendors. (Sometimes we joke that Fiberpalooza deflowered us, we were Vendor Virgins before then.) Click the link for directions to the event. We look forward to seeing you all there tomorrow.

Let's take a look back at that first show shall we?

Aw, don't I look cute there, hiding behind all the fiber? Quite a bit has changed since then, in fact, little is the same. It might be a shorter list the state what is still original. We ditched the stands the fiber is hanging on because people kept tripping over the bases. We have our own table now, which we may, or may not use. We have tableclothes that fit. We have gone to gridwall and twirly racks. (I'm sure that's the official name for them) We decided to start using wrap bands to keep the fiber nice for longer. The famous, or infamous, "Fiber Candy" has mostly gone. (For the last time people, it's not edible!) I can't help but notice how clean my Fricke wheel looks here. It was just a baby, but has done well with all the travel these past few years. It has a name now too, Wheel Wheaton.

OK, now let's flash forward to last weekend.

Oh, yes, I forgot about the banner. We are still trying to work out how to hang it effectively inside, but we'll get it right. It worked better in Chicago last year. I'm pretty happy with this, but this weekend I think the fiber will be on the grids and the yarn will be on the twirly thingys.

I'm still slowly learning to count back change correctly, so be patient with me. Someday it will come as easily to me as dyeing fiber does.

See the table cloth hiding the boxes? That was on my mother's kitchen table when I was growing up. We had curtains to match, and light green walls. That fabric is one of my favorite fabrics and it explains some of my color choices now doesn't it?


World Sheep and Fiber Arts Festival This Weekend

Come join us this weekend at the World Sheep and Fiber Arts Festival in Bethel, MO. Click on the link to view a schedule which includes such events as Mutton Busting, Fiber Arts Competition, Sheep to Shawl Competition and even a Spin-In after the booths close up shop on Saturday. Mr. Yarn Geek and I had a lovely time last year and expect the same this year. The festival will go on, rain or shine, all weekend.

I've been busy dyeing up scads of fiber in the secret lair, in fact I've been so busy poor Mr. Yarn Geek hasn't had a decent home-cooked meal all week. There would be no place to eat it anyway because our kitchen table runneth over, so to speak.

On the left you can see our brand spankin' new custom blend of combed top. It is 75% Superwash Blue Faced Leicester, 12.5% Nylon and 12.5% Cashmere. Yes, real Cashmere, not the fake stuff. It feels divine, and the best part is, you won't have to baby it. If that isn't awesome, I don't know what is. Another new thing for us are the Mulberry Silk Hankies, which I have started to dye to match our existing colorways. All this and more could be yours at the festival. We look forward to seeing you all there!


Help! I Can't Stop Carding & $50 Playsilk Giveaway

A few weeks ago I got a great deal on a used Fancy Kitty Motorized Carder.

We were getting ready to go to Kentucky at the time, in fact we were leaving the very same day it arrived. I couldn't help myself, I grabbed whatever fiber was laying around the kitchen and went to carding my first batt. Er, I actually did quite a few. It was so hard to stop once I got started.

On a whim I went ahead and took them to Kentucky Sheep and Wool and they sold out quickly. Mr. Yarn Geek and I were pretty pumped up about this, so I've been busy putting bits of this and that together for the past few days. Some are listed in the shop, but I have more waiting to be listed.

The whole kitchen looks like a rainbow sheep exploded in there. On top of that, I dyed a few ounces of Faux Cashmere in the microwave a few nights ago to start adding in with the wool.

This is so much fun!





OH, and speaking of fun, I came across a giveaway on "The Magic Onions" blog today. She is sponsoring it on behalf of "Sarah's Silks" Sarah is giving away a $50 shopping spree in her shop. She has the most amazing toys, dress up clothes and hand dyed playsilks for children of all ages. They are colorful and inspire the imagination. The last day to enter is Sunday, June 24th, so get on over there and sign up pronto!