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Tutorial Tuesday - Fractal Spinning with Benjamin Krudwig

Fractal Nighthawk Neckerchief by Benjamin Krudwig Picture used with permission of Benjamin Krudwig

Would you like to learn to spin a yarn that would crochet up in gentle color changes like this? Today on the Schacht Spindle Blog, you can. The process is a simple one, but it yields fantastic results.

A few weeks ago Schacht Community Manager, Benjamin Krudwig contacted me about wanting to try Fractal Spinning out. I sent him some hand dyed Polwarth wool in the Verdigris colorway to play with because the colorway is somewhat simple, but the contrast between colors is great. The post on the Schacht Spindle blog is the result of his experiment.

We "met" a few years ago on an ETSY forum for crochet. He has moved on up since then and is even more active in the fiber community. He has recently added weaving and spinning to his repertoire, as well as pattern writing.  He is releasing the pattern for the crochet Nighthawk Neckerchief shown above soon, so keep an eye out for it.


My Fractal Spun Wingspan

This way of spinning is called the Fractal Spinning method. The name sounds technical and overly mathy, but don't worry if complicated equations are not your thing. There is no higher learning needed. In fact, when I do it, I only count during the few seconds of prep, and rarely count past 8. Benjamin breaks it down step-by-step and explains the particulars along with pictures, which are quite helpful.

If you enjoyed his tutorial, please check out Benjamin's YouTube tutorials as well. Don't forget to leave a comment for him.


Nifty New Site for Teaching, Cool!

I just signed up on which is a nifty little site I heard about on Facebook today. It allows people who have certain skills, such as mad spinning skills like me, to be found by other people who want to learn said skills. I signed up as a crochet, knitting, and spinning instructor. We'll see how it goes.

When you sign up you can customize your page with as little or as much information as you would like. Decide what you want to teach and then make a class listing with a short description and the price you would like to be paid. Make arrangements for how you would like to be paid and then go to the calendar and set up times you are available. You can upload pictures and other resources for people to look at to help them decide if you are the teacher for them. Pretty nifty right?!

To learn more about Betterfly, click on the Betterfly widget to the right. Now to wait for my first student...maybe it's you?