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My First Time

So, do you see it?

How about now?

This is the native plant plot at the Fairgrounds in Adel, Iowa where the Iowa Sheep and Wool Festival is going on this weekend. I made these out of scrap yarn last night with plans to tie them onto something today. Rusty chicken wire in the middle of a garden just didn't seem right, so I decided it should get the happy treatment.

I realize yarnbombing at a fiber festival is kind of, well, sissy, but it was broad daylight so I did feel a little brazen. I halfway expected the old farmer and his wife who were standing around behind me to object or ask me to stop, but they didn't. They were too deep in discussion over what Wormwood might be used for. It would be a lie to say I didn't feel a little invincible tying those things onto the wire and then strolling off. Maybe a bench cozy is in order for the park at home...maniacal laugh.

(I'm also giggling a little bit because some people who click on the link with this post's title will most defiantly NOT be looking for yarnbombing.)


International Yarnbombing Day Approacheth!

How many of you are taking part in this year’s International Yarnbombing Day on June 9, 2012 or the World Wide Knit In Public Day (which is actually a whole week from June 9 to June 17, 2012)?


I am going to be at the Iowa Sheep and Wool Festival this Saturday as a shopper, not a vendor. I'm a little sad we weren't able to vend there this year, but it opens up the opportunity to be at a festival and not have to stress about it. I'm getting really excited about it actually.


Saturday is the second annual International Yarn Bombing Day. I really want to participate by making a few quick things to sprinkle about on my way to Adel. They will most likely be crochet and small, but probably also bright and cheery.


After I get to the festival on Saturday morning, I'll be participating in World Wide Knit in Public Day with other people there. I've got a sparkly scarf about half done, so people will be able to see the pattern already, but there will still be enough to work while I'm there.


I'm also taking a class there on Saturday afternoon. My friend Diana from Sam's Icelandic Sheep Farm is teaching a hackle class. She is going to show us how to blend fibers together and then pull them into roving using the hackles. Very interesting, I'm really looking forward to it. She still has openings, so if you are in the area, come by and sign up. Her class is #112.


Also, don't forget, our first online craft show starts tomorrow. Please click and support handmade!


Our First Online Craft Show

"An online craft show, what's that?" you say. Well, it is just as it sounds. We are going to be participating in The Country Crafters Spotlight Online Craft Show which starts June 8, 2012 and goes through June 10,2012. That's this Friday through Sunday.

"So, what sort of things can we expect there?" you ask. Aren't you just full of questions today? Well, we are offering a small cross section of the items available in our shop. Each vendor can place 10 items in the show. You will also see the work of other artisans availible for purchase. Please browse the show and buy at your leisure, knowing that you are supporting an artist not a big box store.

Here is one item that will be up for grabs from our shop:



"What is it?" you ask. There you go again...well, it is a Learn to Spin Upcycled CD Spindle Set. It comes with one Mr. Yarn Geek CD Spindle, two ounces of hand dyed practice fiber and an instruction sheet complete with pictures and instructions and stuff. Yeah. So now you know.

We hope you will come check it out this weekend. You may just find something you can't live without.


Goodies From Kentucky

There was so much drool-worthy swag at Kentucky Sheep and Fiber Festival, it would have bankrupted me to bring it all home. A few things did manage to sneak into my project bag though. Here, I share them with you. Let the lusty thoughts commence.


Item #1: A fused glass spoonrest from Paws & Reflect out of Texas. I could have camped out all day in her booth.



Item #2: Cloud Batt from Moonwood Farm Fiber Studio. Locks, shimmer, shine, soft fluff and sparkle all in one big squooshy cloud. Just mauvelous!



Item #3: Four ounces of Merino/Silk Gradient in Tangerine to Ultraviolet from Fiber Optic Yarns.



Item #4: 7 ounces of the softest Llama down I have ever felt. It once belonged to Sir Trouble, a Mini Llama with a Napolean complex who lives at Cedar Grove Farms.

And lest you think it was all fiber, sheep and farms I leave you with this.


Item #5: Yummy, delicious, decadent fudge. Well, there used to be quite a bit more than this. They were all 8 ounce blocks. Even so, I was lucky to get even this much for a picture. From left to right we have Kentucky Bourbon (with Walnuts...that sneaky Mr. Yarn Geek knows I'm allergic to them so he got that one all to himself), Orange Dreambar, Amaretto (my personal fav), and Half n half Peanut Butter and Fudge. The owner makes the fudge and then pours in the alcohol so it doesn't boil off. This lead to a discussion after the fact between Mr. Yarn Geek and I about wether we should have been eating it while driving. Erhm...heh.




We're Goin' To Kentucky!

We have been getting ready to go to Lexington for the Kentucky Sheep and Fiber Festival on May 19-20, 2012. I have never been to Kentucky before, but Mr. Yarn Geek says it is beautiful. The workshops actually start on Friday the 18th, but we will be setting up in the Big Top Tent during that time. We will have several new colorways in Sock Top and Merino/Tencel blend and some other new fun items to spiffy up your project bags with. Be sure to come look for us if you get to stop by the festival.

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