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Strange Folk Haul 2012

With Strange Folk Festival 2012 firmly in the record books, now is the time to slow down, regroup and bask in the glory that was...

OK, enough of that... instead, let's all

behold my plunder!

Oh Yeah!

Actually, there's more. Since it didn't make it into the above picture, let's start with it first.

One of the first trades of the day was for a Tangerine Designs Police Box Needle gauge and WPI gauge. I think we all know exactly why this is cool, just like fezzes and bow ties.

(Heaven help the dog who decides to munch on this when my back is turned.)

Next up are the hilarious cat cards from katefunk

No cats were harmed in the taking of these photographs. As for Kate and her cat's relationship, well...that just got weird, and I love it!

These were just a few of many to choose from. I ended up with AC and the Chocolate Factory, Godzilla, Jaws, The Lock Ness Monster, something I'll call Space Cat and AC Attacks.

Moving up and to the left, we have the awesome jewelry I traded for from Narcise. My favorite pair of earrings ever were bought from her last year. I simply could not pass up the opportunity for more. She fires glass onto metal, how cool is that!? Very.

I ended up with 2 pairs of her earrings, one in turquoise (of course) and one in gold. I also just had to have one of her bronze (?) dipped seed pod necklaces. This particular one features a morning glory pod, coral, ceramic beads and fancy jasper.

I traded with Jbirdstitch for these fabulous oven mitts. They feature both vintage and current fabrics, and are actually thick enough to render all attempts to burn my fingers, futile.

(Again, Heaven help the dog who chews on these when my back is turned.)

No question about it, I absolutely had to have this hand embroidered pillow made with vintage fabric from Whimsy Vintage. I love everything about it. It is somehow calming with it's chaos of colors and shapes. When I figure that one out, I'll let you all know. It just makes me feel like a happy little kid again.

(Heaven help the dog who shreads this when my back is turned.)

You can also see the top of the cute little apron I traded for from Thimblism, which I adore! It is large enough to cover my ample chesteses and belly and it is handmade in a teacup print in my favorite color combo. I was so excited about it, I put it on and didn't take it off until after Strange Folk Festival ended. Actually, it got worn to dinner as well because I forgot to take it off.

(Heaven help the dog who tries to descrate this when my back is turned.)

At the same time the cat cards were purchased, the other side of the booth was occupied by Innad, a prolific wallet maker after my own heart. You can see my ultimate choice is one of her ultra-slim passport wallets whose print reminds me how bland US money really is, compared to other country's currencies. Having to pick a wallet from her selection was probably the hardest decision I had to make all weekend. I know, I lead a strenuous life.

Last but not least, Rachel from Dyeabolical has been up to her tricks again. She just had to dye up my favorite color combo of all time. I simply could not resist it immortalized in her Alter Ego 100% Superwash Merino Wool yarn and traded her some of my spinning fiber for the pleasure of owning it.

Seriously, I need more yarn like...well, like all sorts of things I don't need. Items that come to mind are, another giant dog, an extra boob, a pink fluffy tutu, a Flea Circus, a lifetime supply of, wait...can I rethink that last one?

The colorway is Fate, Phd if you must know, but this is mine, all mine. (Maniacal Laugh)

There you have it, my conquests from the best Indie arts festival in the Midwest. The hardest part of Strange Folk is trying not to spend everything you make before you leave. If you ever get to take part as a vendor, it is extremely benefical to inquire about trades from other vendors. Believe it or not, I came home with all the amazing handmade items above and spent less than $75 cash.

I am a trading machine.



Strange Folk Festival Is Nigh!


In the above diagram you will see your plan of attack. You must stash ALL THE YARN!

In order to obtain your target, first proceed to the Pavillion near the Writer's Block and storm

Tangerine Designs

for a nifty Police Box (shh, it's really a TARDIS) Needle Gauge or other great tool.


Then hoof it over to the vendor's tents where you will lock on to

Yarn Geek Fibers






Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to decimate their fiber supplies before the end of Strange Folk Festival at 6pm on Sunday. Craft on my minons!

Now go get yourself a cupcake from The Cup, or a gyro, or heck, get them've earned it.

In all seriousness, this is a great festival. 150 Indie Vendors, more great food than you could ever eat, 10 live bands, and an area especially for the children.

This is the best time we have all year.




World Sheep and Fiber Arts Festival This Weekend

Come join us this weekend at the World Sheep and Fiber Arts Festival in Bethel, MO. Click on the link to view a schedule which includes such events as Mutton Busting, Fiber Arts Competition, Sheep to Shawl Competition and even a Spin-In after the booths close up shop on Saturday. Mr. Yarn Geek and I had a lovely time last year and expect the same this year. The festival will go on, rain or shine, all weekend.

I've been busy dyeing up scads of fiber in the secret lair, in fact I've been so busy poor Mr. Yarn Geek hasn't had a decent home-cooked meal all week. There would be no place to eat it anyway because our kitchen table runneth over, so to speak.

On the left you can see our brand spankin' new custom blend of combed top. It is 75% Superwash Blue Faced Leicester, 12.5% Nylon and 12.5% Cashmere. Yes, real Cashmere, not the fake stuff. It feels divine, and the best part is, you won't have to baby it. If that isn't awesome, I don't know what is. Another new thing for us are the Mulberry Silk Hankies, which I have started to dye to match our existing colorways. All this and more could be yours at the festival. We look forward to seeing you all there!


We Were (Almost) Blown Away!

Last weekend we vended at the Chaplin Creek Fiber Fair and survived our first brush with inclement weather in our tent vending lives. Saturday was pleasant enough, slightly hot, but breezy. Around 2pm the organizers came around with word we might be on the receiving end of a storm. “It might miss us.” was the terminology I think. Anyway, Mr. Yarn Geek went out to get some more substantial tent pegs just in case. By 2:30 we had word, “Uhm, there might be hail”. Nice…

By the time Mr. Yarn Geek got back, the winds had kicked up and I had moved all our displays to the middle of the tent in preparations to drop the top down over them. I had him move our trailer around to the side of the tent to serve as a wind block. He started driving in tent pegs. 3 pegs and 5 minutes later it started raining and 2 minutes later he was holding on to the top of our tent to keep it from blowing away as I frantically threw everything I could into totes. Buckets of rain, thunder, lightening, gale force winds and lots of shouting and naughty words happened next and kept up for the next 10 minutes. We were soaked, but most of our fiber was saved. Only things shredded were one of our tent sides (a 5 inch rip) and my dignity when my skirt got so heavy with rain it was threatening to fall off and I decided to just step out of it. (Good thing I wore those shorts under it.) Uhm, no pictures of that for you all, heh.

The family next to us was not as lucky as we were. Fluffington Farms had to dry out just about everything laying out on her tables. We were so busy trying to secure our tent, we didn’t even see when the roof of their tent blew off. (That explained a lot of the shouting over there.) Thankfully, everything in her huge hutch was pretty much untouched by all forces watery. The rain only lasted about half an hour, so we decided to return after drying off and dinner to check on everything. The tent really needed drying out, so it just got opened up for a few hours. Jordan (the Fluffington Farms mastermind) made impromptu drying racks out of some of our grid panels, and some crates we found in the garden. I had just bought 2 small box fans, and they came in rather handy with the drying. By morning, most of her fibers were tolerably non-moist.

Sunday was the most gorgeous day one could hope for. Clear skies, breezy without being windy and most importantly, not muggy. Also, we found out where the organizers were hiding the homemade pie. Pie makes everything all better.



Speaking of pie, I made a (Mostly) No Bake Lemon Cream Pie with a pint of blueberries mixed in last Tuesday. It was delicious.


Help! I Can't Stop Carding & $50 Playsilk Giveaway

A few weeks ago I got a great deal on a used Fancy Kitty Motorized Carder.

We were getting ready to go to Kentucky at the time, in fact we were leaving the very same day it arrived. I couldn't help myself, I grabbed whatever fiber was laying around the kitchen and went to carding my first batt. Er, I actually did quite a few. It was so hard to stop once I got started.

On a whim I went ahead and took them to Kentucky Sheep and Wool and they sold out quickly. Mr. Yarn Geek and I were pretty pumped up about this, so I've been busy putting bits of this and that together for the past few days. Some are listed in the shop, but I have more waiting to be listed.

The whole kitchen looks like a rainbow sheep exploded in there. On top of that, I dyed a few ounces of Faux Cashmere in the microwave a few nights ago to start adding in with the wool.

This is so much fun!





OH, and speaking of fun, I came across a giveaway on "The Magic Onions" blog today. She is sponsoring it on behalf of "Sarah's Silks" Sarah is giving away a $50 shopping spree in her shop. She has the most amazing toys, dress up clothes and hand dyed playsilks for children of all ages. They are colorful and inspire the imagination. The last day to enter is Sunday, June 24th, so get on over there and sign up pronto!


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