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Fiberpalooza and Finger Puppets

Mr Yarn Geek decided to have a little fun with some finger puppets I purchased only moments before.

That Mr. Yarn Geek is so silly.

I present to you, an alpaca eye view of our booth at Heartland Fiberpalooza 2013


Heartland Fiberpalooza Saturday 23, 2013

How is it Fiberpalooza time again? Time flies when we are having fun, and fun we have been having. It's the time of year when we revisit the show that kicked us off as vendors. (Sometimes we joke that Fiberpalooza deflowered us, we were Vendor Virgins before then.) Click the link for directions to the event. We look forward to seeing you all there tomorrow.

Let's take a look back at that first show shall we?

Aw, don't I look cute there, hiding behind all the fiber? Quite a bit has changed since then, in fact, little is the same. It might be a shorter list the state what is still original. We ditched the stands the fiber is hanging on because people kept tripping over the bases. We have our own table now, which we may, or may not use. We have tableclothes that fit. We have gone to gridwall and twirly racks. (I'm sure that's the official name for them) We decided to start using wrap bands to keep the fiber nice for longer. The famous, or infamous, "Fiber Candy" has mostly gone. (For the last time people, it's not edible!) I can't help but notice how clean my Fricke wheel looks here. It was just a baby, but has done well with all the travel these past few years. It has a name now too, Wheel Wheaton.

OK, now let's flash forward to last weekend.

Oh, yes, I forgot about the banner. We are still trying to work out how to hang it effectively inside, but we'll get it right. It worked better in Chicago last year. I'm pretty happy with this, but this weekend I think the fiber will be on the grids and the yarn will be on the twirly thingys.

I'm still slowly learning to count back change correctly, so be patient with me. Someday it will come as easily to me as dyeing fiber does.

See the table cloth hiding the boxes? That was on my mother's kitchen table when I was growing up. We had curtains to match, and light green walls. That fabric is one of my favorite fabrics and it explains some of my color choices now doesn't it?


Shepherds Market Sneak Peak

What are Mr. Yarn Geek and I up to this Saturday? Well, I'm so glad you asked. We are starting out our fiber festival season in Vinton, IA at Shepherds Market Fiber and Fabric Festival. It runs from 9AM to 4PM on Saturday, March 16, 2013. There are 15 vendors to tempt you and quite a few demonstrations to grow your knowledge going on throughout the day.

Want to see something I'm taking to the festival? It's kind of a cruddy picture, but this is a Superwash BFL/ Cashmere/ Nylon sock blend in a brand new colorway currently known as "Aegean Queen". It's so very soft and spins up with hardly any effort at all. When I see it in person, it's hard not to squish it and squee.


Where is Yarn Geek in 2013?

I spent several hours this afternoon updating the map and listing all the places we are planning on being this festival season. It turns out, there are a few new places, a few places we've been before, and a few places we are just hoping let us in to bask in their glory. We are still awaiting confirmation on a few gatherings, and those are marked with a question mark on the map. As these are confirmed, I will either put a marker in place of that, or clear them off. Click through and take a peak, don't be shy. Here's the Show Map page.

View Yarn Geek Fibers 2013 "World" Tour. in a larger map


My First Ravelry Pattern

Please scroll to the bottom for Errata. The pattern now reflects the changes as of 1/2/2013.

I'm stepping out on a limb here and trying something new. Today I am putting my very first pattern on It is nothing really complicated, but for a first pattern, I feel it should be very easy. The term "winging it" comes to mind here. I am suddenly filled with trepidation. Will it be good enough to put out there where everyone can see it? What will people think when they see how simple it is? Good Lord...did I remember to count the yardage? Gosh, how do real designers do this? OK, enough panicking, time to get over there and make this thing happen.

OK, several hours later and a lot of fretting, here it is, and I feel pretty good about it. Please let me know what you all think of it because I am pretty excited to know. *squee!*

Presenting, the

Puff Rib Cowl

The Puff Rib Cowl is meant to be roomy and non-binding. It works up quickly, so it is an excellent last minute gift. The simple Puff Rib stitch adds an interesting texture that imitates cables without the extra bulk.

The fabric is very stretchy when worked in wool. It has not been test knit in cotton or silk, so the results in a non stretchy fiber are unknown for now.

If you desire a closer fit, cast on fewer stitches by reducing the stitch count in multiples of three. Conversely, if you want a larger cowl, to pull down over your shoulders perhaps, cast on more stitches in multiples of three until you reach your desired width. If a longer cowl to cover both your head and neck is what you want, just keep on repeating the Puff Rib pattern until the optimal length for you is reached.

17 stitches and 20 rows to 4 inches in the Puff Rib pattern with the DK yarn held doubled. (This is actually a Bulky gauge. If you want to substitute Yarn Geek Fibers Dyed and Plied, just cut the yarn amounts in half.)


K (or k) = Knit;  p = Purl;  YO = Yarn Over;  K3tog = Knit 3 stitches together

You will need:
275 to 360 yards 550 to 720 yards of DK weight yarn or sport weight yarn
24 inch US Size 8 circular needles (or size to make gauge)
One stitch marker

The cowl in the picture here has been knit with 315 yards 630 yards of DK Weight yarn. It measures 30 inches in circumference and 6.5 inches tall. The instructions for it is as follows:


The yarn is held doubled for the entire cowl.

Using US Size 8 needles, cast on 87 stitches using the long tail cast on. Join the ends to begin knitting in the round, being careful not to twist your work. Place marker to indicate the beginning of the round.


Puff Rib (Worked in the round over a multiple of 3 sts)
Round 1: Yo, k1, yo, p2 to end.

Round 2: K3, p2 to end.

Round 3: K3, p2 to end.

Round 4: K3tog, p2 to end. K3, p2 to end.

Round 5: K3tog, p2 to end.

Work Puff rib pattern a total of 5 times.
Bind off